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Why get a copy when you can design your own? 

Now you have the opportunity to make an original design for your wedding gown!  Designer Tiffany Burton will help you create a design according to your body type and preferences.  Choose the fabrics and embellishments that best go with your design.  Regardless of your budget, the best quality fabrics and beads will be selected for your gown.  Tiffany will drape, pattern, and create a sample dress to fit your exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your body.

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Love your style

Create your Dream Wedding Gown!  

In your consultation with Tiffany, you will discuss the design you have in mind.   Whether it is a combination of different styles or your own creative design, Tiffany is committed to working with your ideas to make your wedding dream dress come true. Once your final design is complete, your gown will be put into production!  You will finalize the gown with several fittings before your wedding day to make sure you have the perfect fit. Tiffany will help you create your dream gown for an affordable custom price.

This is a busy time of your life with exciting events to plan for your special day. Please click on the form below to set up our phone consultation.

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